Michael Bashista


Friday Evening, May 8

Saturday May 9, Sunday May 10


Carving stone evokes a relationship of exposing secrets and accepting boundaries. The stone surrenders to the touch when honoring its strengths. The self surrenders to the vision when releasing its attachments. Over one weekend we will learn how to carve, shape, sand and polish a soft stone. In doing so we will face our apprehensions and release our creativity by irrevocably changing an object that has existed for millions of years and, in moments, hours and days, change it for millions of years to come.


Michael has been a member of the Santa Cruz Zen Center since 2003 and an instructor at various post secondary schools since ’81. His sculptures can be viewed at


$110 (Sustaining members)Steatite

$130 (others)

Includes one, 20-30 lb stone and use of hand tools.


To register, contact SCZC, 831-457-0206 and mail your check to
Santa Cruz Zen Center, 113 School St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
OR, sign up at the zendo and place your check in the donation box.


Make the check payable to SCZC. Limited to 5 carvers.


Contact Michael if you have any questions at


Friday Evening
5:45 – Zazen
6:30 – Intro to Stone
and Shaping with Tools demo.
7:30 – Select your stone /Initiate
a relationship / Maybe begin
8:30 - Clean up

8:30 – Zazen
9:30 – Carving Time
11:30 – Group
of the Relationship /
12:00 - Lunch
1:00 – Sanding demo
1:30 – Carving Time

9:00 – Group Check-in
9:45 – Carving Time
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Carving Time
4:00 – Clean Up
4:30 – Presentations













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