Yoshi Shibata


April 13, 20, May 11, 18
2:30 - 5:00.


Learn the fundamentals of Shodo Japanese Calligraphy using traditional ink and brush. Shodo is practiced by common people as well as by Zen and Shinto priests and artists. In Japan there is a saying: A person's writing shows their character. Shodo teaches you how to meditate and express your inner strength in your art and life. In this workshop you will start with the meditation of making ink, then continue on to learn basic strokes using a calligraphy brush. No experience necessary.


Yoshi Shibata has been practicing Shodo since he was five,beginning at a temple in Japan where he studied calligraphy and other traditional Japanese arts. He has won a number of national calligraphy competitions. He has taught classes locally in Santa Cruz, including workshops at UCSC.


Please Bring: Fude:
Brush, one small, one medium
Sumi: Solid ink stick plus a bottle of pourable ink. (Bottle ink can be purchased from teacher at a discount.) Hanshi: Special thin calligraphy paper (Can be purchased at discount from teacher)
Suzuri: Heavy black container for mixing ink
Bunchin: Metal stick to weight down paper during writing. (may bring stones)


For four sessions: $100 (Sustaining members), $120 (all others)


Send your registration to SCZC, 113 School Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 The classes are held in the zendo. Make the check payable to SCZC.





Michael Bashista


Evening of May 30
All Day 31 and June 1


Carving stone is a relationship of exposing secrets and accepting boundaries. The stone surrenders to the touch when honoring its strengths. The self surrenders to the vision when exposing its attachments.


Over one weekend we will learn how to carve, shape, sand and polish a soft stone. In doing so we will face our appre- hensions and release our creativity by irrevocably changing an object that has existed for millions of years and, in moments, hours and days, change it for millions of years to come.


Carving stone came late to Michael. His introduction was in a workshop with similar focus as "Stone and Self", to uncover aspects of the self while exposing the beauty of stone.


For the past couple of years he has benefited from mentoring by another local carver and annually attends the California Sculptors Symposium. Michael has been a member of the Santa Cruz Zen Center since 2003 and an instructor at various post secondary schools since '81. He participated in the 2012 - 2013 Open Studios and will be on of 7 artists at the Blitzer Gallery in May. His sculptures can be viewed at www.bashista.com


$110 (Sustaining members)

$130 (others)

Includes one 20 - 25 lb stone and use of tools. Class size limited to 6. Please provide your lunch.




Paramitas Collage - June 29
Angie Boissevain Writing - July 27



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