The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center

Weekly Events

Breakfast and Dharma Study Group - Mondays, 7am - 8:30 am

Breakfast with conversation in the community room at 7am most Mondays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:45-8:30am.

Koan Study Group - Fridays, 1-2pm

Explore the koans in the "Blue Cliff Record", with Neti Parekh, in the zendo. A koan will be posted on the bulletin board the week before, with copies available. Anyone may attend any of the sessions, free of charge.

Monthly Thursday Evening Discussion Group - Third Thursday of month, 6:40-8pm.

"Jewels in the World" with Kokyo Henkel. We meet monthly to discuss some topic regarding Dharma or Zen practice, especially relevant to daily life in the midst of the world. One of the group members volunteers to bring a discussion topic for the next month, and facilitates the conversation.  All are welcome, free of charge.

Ordinary Recovery Group - Contact SCZC ( 457-0206 ). Leave message for Rev. Teverbaugh.

The weekly meeting discussing Buddhist practice with addictions, emotions, and relationships is on hiatus. Leave a message for Rev. Teverbaugh at the above number.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

August 15, 6:35pm – Rev. Patrick Teverbaugh

Jewels in the World

Thursday, August 16, 6:40-8pm.
Monthly evening discussion group on some topic regarding Dharma or Zen practice, especially relevant to daily life. Everyone is welcome.

Saturday Sangha

Saturday, August 18, 9:20-10am.

Open discussion on being upright with​ strong reactions to the ​hard issues facing our country. Come join us and share your practice experiences and insights in a lively discussion moderated by Rev. Dana Takagi.

Living with Dignity: Sickness, Suffering, Old Age, and End-of-Life Care

With Revs. Eugene Bush and Edie Brown.
Two Sundays, August 19 and September 16, 1-4 pm.
Sickness, suffering, old age, and death are part of life. This is being human. Please join us for a two-part workshop on living with dignity; a mix of person-centered preferences and Buddhist teachings on caring for ourselves and others.

Part 1 is an overview of practical aspects of health care directives and the importance of connected conversation about our and others’ preferences for aging and dying. We will provide key documents, for example, Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment, Advance Health Care Directives, Five Wishes, and Buddhist-based directives.

Part 2 will focus on how our plans, documents, and wishes operate in different contexts, hospice, recent changes in California Right to Die law, Buddhist rituals and ceremony for suffering and end of life. (Please attend part 2 only if you have attended part 1).
We will engage in hard questions and explore how to navigate difficult conversations. Workshop will include interactive work, small group discussion, and reflective writing. Suggested donation for both days: $25 members, $30 non-members. No charge if previously attended; please bring your documents from prior sessions. Advance registration required by August 15.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

August 22, 6:35pm – Rev. Eugene Bush

How Do We Respond? Climate Change, Climate Justice, and Buddhist Practice

With Neti Parekh. Thursday, August 23, 6:40-8pm (in zendo).
This open discussion group will meet regularly to share information, views, and insights into how our Buddhist practice can intersect with the unfolding global climate crisis. All are welcome.

Sobun Katherine Thanas Roshi Annual Memorial Ceremony

Friday, August 24, 6:25am, at time of morning service.

Introduction to Zen

Saturday, August 25, 10am-noon.
A monthly introduction to the body & mind of Zen meditation and the forms of practice at SCZC. The morning includes sitting and walking meditation, and discussion. Everyone is welcome, free of charge.

Full Moon Bodhisattva Precepts Renewal Ceremony

Monday, August 27, 5:45-6:30pm (instead of evening zazen)

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

August 29, 6:35pm – Rev. Shoho Kuebast

Half-Day Sitting/Workshop: Guided Meditations
Exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

With Revs. Shoho Kuebast & Kokyo Henkel. Sat, Sep 1, 8:30-noon.
After usual 8:30 zazen and service, starting at 9:30 there will be four 30-minute periods of interactive instruction, guided meditation, and silent sitting, each period exploring one of the four foundations of mindfulness: awareness of body, feelings, mind, and dharma – a chance for beginners and long-term practitioners to become more familiar with these classic practices of the Buddha. Suggested donation: $7 for sustaining members, $10 for others.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 5, 6:35pm – Rev. Cathy Toldi

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 12, 6:35pm – Rev. Dana Takagi