The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center

Weekly Events

Breakfast and Dharma Study Group - Tuesdays, 7am

Breakfast with conversation in the community room at 7am most Tuesdays, followed by Dharma study group with Kokyo Henkel 7:45-8:45am. Currently we are reading Red Pine's commentary on the Diamond Sutra. All are welcome to either or both events, free of charge.

Koan Study Group - Fridays, 1-2pm,

Contemplate and explore koans with Neti Parekh, in the zendo. A koan from the Mumonkan will be posted on the bulletin board the week before, with copies available. Anyone may attend any of the sessions, free of charge.

Ordinary Recovery Group - Friday evenings, 6:45-7:45pm,

A weekly meeting discussing Buddhist practice with addictions, emotions, and relationships. Short meditation, Dharma reading, compassionate discussion and support. Meets in the zendo and is free of charge.

Smiling Heart QiGong - Saturday Mornings, 9:30-10:30am,

With Andrew Porter -   Sept.5, 26   Oct.3, 10, 24, 31   Nov.7, 28   Dec.12

The Heart Sutra

Class series with Rev. Kokyo Henkel.
6 Sunday evenings: August 23-September 27, 6:35-8pm.
The lion-like roar of “form itself is emptiness, emptiness itself form” resounds throughout the universe as a direct expression of the middle way. The Heart Sutra is chanted every morning at SCZC and in Mahayana Buddhist temples around the world. As Red Pine writes, “The Heart Sutra is Buddhism in a nutshell.” Suggested donation: $10/class for sustaining members, $13 for others.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 9, 6:35pm – Rev. Kokyo Henkel

One-Day Sitting and Liberating Life Ceremony

Saturday, September 12, 8:30am-5pm.
Includes lecture in the morning by Kokyo. Please bring bag lunch. After the sitting, at 5pm, there will be a traditional Liberating Life Ceremony for releasing captive crickets from being killed.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 16, 6:35pm – Rev. Patrick Teverbaugh

Sangha Day

Saturday, September 19, starts at 9:20am.
Sangha Day is a time to come together and help take care of the temple and grounds: cleaning the zendo, making candles, gar­dening, etc. Please bring something for a potluck lunch.

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 23, 6:35pm – Rev. Kokyo Henkel

Kobun Chino Roshi Monthly Memorial Ceremony

Friday, September 25, 6:25am, at time of morning service.

Opening the Mind and Heart Through Film - NEW DATE

Friday, September 25, 7:30-9:30pm (in community room)
This new event will be offered every other month, with the viewing of films related to Dharma themes, followed by discussion. This evening’s film is “I ♥ Huckabees,” a comedy secretly based on the Middle Way of dependent co-arising and how it differs from nihilism.

Introduction to Zen

Saturday, Sept. 26, 10am-noon.

A monthly introduction to the body & mind of Zen meditation and the forms of practice at SCZC. The morning includes sitting and walking meditation, and discussion. Everyone is welcome, free of charge.

Full Moon Bodhisattva Precepts Renewal Ceremony

Monday, September 28, 5:45-6:30pm (instead of evening zazen)

Annual Memorial Ceremony for Dogen Zenji and Keizan Zenji

Tuesday, September 29, 6:25 am, at time of morning service

Wednesday Evening Dharma Talk

September 30, 6:35pm – Rev. Steve Weintraub, ordained as a priest in 1973, now lives and teaches at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center.

Living in Wonder

Workshop with Rev. Beata Chapman
Saturday, October 3, 9:30am - 4pm.
Michael Wenger once said, "We're born, we die, and in between, what happened?" This "what happened" is the topic of this workshop: Being Alive With Our Many States of Mind and Body: 7 Zen Practices for Living in Wonder. We will talk together about our own direct experiences and examine what it is to be truly alive with all the many states of mind and body that take up residence in us. The focus of this exploration will be the state of mind called wonder – bright, open, beginner's mind. We will use simple daily practices and do simple practices together to penetrate the giftless giving and receiving that continuously makes our lives possible. Suggested donation: $55 for sustaining members, $65 for others. Please bring a bag lunch.

Bodhidharma Annual Memorial Ceremony

Monday, October 5, 6:25 am, at time of morning service