The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center
Kokyo Henkel

He was ordained as a priest in 1994 by Tenshin Anderson Roshi and received Dharma Transmission from him in 2010. Kokyo is interested in exploring how the original teachings of Buddha-Dharma from ancient India, China, and Japan are still very much alive and useful in present-day America to bring peace and harmony to this troubled world.

Kokyo Henkel came to S.C. Zen Center in 2009 as the new Head Teacher. He has been practicing Zen since 1990 in residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center (most recently as Head of Practice), Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, No Abode Hermitage in Mill Valley, and Bukkokuji Monastery in Japan.

Onryu Patrick Teverbaugh

Onryu Patrick Teverbaugh was ordained as a priest in 1999 and received Dharma Transmission from Katherine Thanas in January, 2011. He organizes activities for the Global Sangha, those interested in practicing with social and environmental issues.

These activities include a weekly lunch for a local homeless shelter, a weekly recovery group, and marching in the local LGBT parade. Patrick also helps coordinate Contributing Memberships, fundraising events, and shares the role of Ino, managing zendo roles and activities.

Fugan Eugene Bush

He also teaches the traditional practice of sewing Buddha's Robe (rakusu and okesa). His paid work is as teacher in a public alternative high school in Santa Cruz. He is most interested in the ways in which formal practice trains us for everyday life.

Fugan Eugene Bush, D.D., began formal Zen practice in 1982, was ordained as a priest in 2005 and received Dharma Transmission from Katherine Thanas in 2010. Gene currently serves as the Support Net Leader of Santa Cruz Zen Center.