The Leadership Of The Santa Cruz Zen Center

In gratitude for Katherine's years of service to the Zen Community, the Santa Cruz Board of Trustees will renovate the Santa Cruz Zen Center dokusan building in dedication to Katherine.

Sobun Katherine Thanas became head teacher of the Santa Cruz Zen Center in 1989 and was installed as the Abbot of the Santa Cruz Zen Center in 2002. Her passing was on June 24, 2012.

For Katherine, the simplicity of practice, cutting through to deep matters, emotional, physical, and psychological, drew her into a sustained commitment to Zen Buddhism.

The heart of Zen practice continues to be daily sitting and dokusan. Dokusan is a time to "fully meet", an exchange between Zen teacher and student, to ask deep questions about Zen practice in daily life.

Over the past forty years, our Zen community has grown and flourished. Located in an historic neighborhood, some of our buildings are more than 100 years old with the dokusan/office building in need of renovation.

To ensure that the Zen Center continues for generations of Zen practitioners and is in stable financial condition, we have paid off the mortgage and are debt-free. The dokusan/office building is the last of the buildings to bring forward.

The dokusan room will be designed to convert to a space for tea ceremonies or other gatherings. Plans include heating, sound-proofing, closed cabinetry for the office, wood flooring, tatami mats, and fine wood finishing.